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Dental Evacuation Suction Trap – Disposable Clear Plastic Airtight Canisters with Lid, Gasket, Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Screen Filter

Brand: Starryshine
Product Code: ET2xxx
Availability: In Stock
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Dental vacuum pumps are a key part of any dental practice. Such units are fitted with canister filters, which help keep the pump’s evacuation lines from getting clogged by debris. Manually cleaning these filters, however, can be an unpleasant task. Aside from being a time-consuming process, this may also involve risks of coming in contact with harmful materials and impurities. If you’re looking for a faster and more hygienic option, our disposable evacuation traps can help. With these disposable dental evacuation traps, you help minimize human contact with unwanted elements. Once these traps are clogged, a dental hygienist, staff, or assistant can simply take them off, dispose of them properly, and install a new one into your vacuum pump. Our evacuation traps feature a stainless-steel fine mesh filter housed in a leak proof plastic canister. The canister is transparent, so you can easily check if the trap needs replacing.

  1. No need for a dental assistant to waste energy cleaning dirty dental vacuum filters. Once these dental evacuation traps are clogged, just dispose of them properly and install a fresh one.
  2. By eliminating the need for manual filter washing or cleaning, the disposable dental vacuum evacuator trap may help minimize the spread of foreign elements in your dental office.
  3. Each dental vacuum canister is meant to replace the dental cleaning pump’s canister and filter. Make sure to check if they are compatible with your equipment.
  4. These dental traps have a stainless-steel fine screen mesh filter. This dental suction trap helps keep tissue, dental materials, or debris from clogging up your vacuum system.
  5. The stainless steel mesh filter withstands the formation of rust, while the transparent plastic canister lets you quickly check if the trap needs a replacement.

Item No.

Size / Remarks



2-3/4" x 3-5/8"

12 pcs per box
6 boxes per case


3-1/2" x 4-3/8"

8 pcs per box
6 boxes per case


3-1/2" x 4-3/8"
( fine mesh )

8 pcs per box
6 boxes per case


4-1/2" x 5-1/8"

8 pcs per box
4 boxes per case

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